Best Road Bike Components

best road bike components

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best road bike components - Look Keo

Look Keo Easy Road Bike Pedals - 6008090000

Look Keo Easy Road Bike Pedals - 6008090000

The Keo Easy pedal is ideal for starting cycling using automatic pedals, or for recreational use. Because it lacks spring adjustment it is very light - 120g. New KEO standard - We have developed this new standard (cleat and pedal) in a lightweight goal as well as being compatible with all the actual shoes on the market. The size of the cleat is a little bit smaller, but we keep the fixation point of the old standard which is a reference on the market. Injected polyamide body - The body is injected on a really specific material : high resistance glass fibre charged polyamide. This material is less expensive than carbon and makes possible a very resistant and light body. If this pedal has been made in aluminium the weight will have been over 170 grams. Height: Axle/sole - 17,5 mm against 21,6 with the old standard; to close the axle improve the power of pedalling. When coming from the delta standard to the KEO one, it is advice to adjust the saddle 4 mm lower. Spring tension cannot be adjusted. Cleat: LOOK KEO (new standard) bi-components - The red, the grey or the black LOOK KEO cleat still offers a large surface to maximize the power transmission. With two different materials: white part in Teflon for the shifting parts will kick out squizing and noising even in bad weather conditions, and the red or black part in polycetal to guaranty the strength. Fit memory of the cleat - A small black piece located and screwed on the sole will save the memory of fitting the actual cleat

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Drivetrain Upgrade: Final Result

Drivetrain Upgrade: Final Result

The final assembly took about five minutes and I didn't stop to take any pictures during. Just slide the right side of the crankset through the bottom bracket, attach the opposite arm, torque it down to spec and then thread the chain through. Then I just put my old pedals on with a bit of grease on the threads.

The one major annoyance was that the new crankset has a chainline of 51mm while the old one was 50mm. This required that I adjust the front derailleur. The front derailleur is the only "brand Sh" component on the bike and like many of their components is a pain to deal with. Took about 10 minutes to completely fine-tune it.

Visually I would have prefered something with less bling to it. The crankset and chainrings were described on FSA's website as being "grey anodized." I think of grey as the color of my pedals or tires and that's kind of what I expected. Still, it's not like I would have bought something else had I known. The price was too good.

Besides, a good coating of dust will hide the bling factor quite nicely.

Also, note replacement tires since last set of photos. The old ones were not worn, but had been in the garage for several years before I actually used them, and the rubber was cracking.

Now, time to ride!

Drivetrain Upgrade: All New Components

Drivetrain Upgrade: All New Components

FSA Afterburner crankset, FSA MegaExo bottom bracket (with spacers), SRAM PG-980 cassette, SRAM PC-991 chain.

The cassette is an exact replacement of what was there before, done because there was some obvious wear on the smaller sprockets of the old one.

best road bike components

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Top Bmx Bikes

top bmx bikes

    bmx bikes
  • Bicycle motocross or BMX refers to the sport in which the main goal is extreme racing on bicycles in motocross style on tracks with inline start and expressive obstacles, and it is also the term that refers to the bicycle itself that is designed for dirt and motocross cycling.

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Bike's and Caravans do not mix

Bike's and Caravans do not mix

My first BMX bike was a 1980s Mongoose bike that I learnt to race track on in the early 80s. One of my favourite things to do was to ride with my friends around the neighbourhood particualry the street that was shaped like the letter P off my street.

This particualr day we rode up the top of the P and then stopped at a freinds house for lunch, Heinz Spaghetti on toast if I remember correctly. After lunch we decided to race down the street home however did not know that our neighbours had parked their brand new caravan on the road and as I swept around the corner I smashed staright into the back of it cracking the rear wall and writing off the brand new caravan.

As you can imagine I was instantly grounded.

Great Memories or a magical childhood.

Rodney Thurston

did some bike shots for a friend, this time without flash since we shot these pics during midday.
the light was pretty hard already and worked like a strong flash from top right :-)

top bmx bikes

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