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How To Install Pegs On A Bike

how to install pegs on a bike

    to install
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  • A bicycle or motorcycle

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I learned a lot today:

1. Dremels are awesome.
- I got the Mastercraft rip off since Sears didn't have their Dremel-version in stock. 250pc kit for $69.99 - $10.00 coupon ... there was also a cheaper Jobmate unit, but I've broken all my previous Jobmate tools. I guess Mastercraft is a little better
2. Polishing needs big power.
Using the dremel to polish the rear peg mounts was great.. but for larger things, like the clutch and crank cover, it's hard to get an even finish. I'll have to look into something bigger tomorrow. Also, it seems like as long as there's black crap coming off as you polish, there's more shine to be had! Using your hand simply does not have the same results as a power tool.
3. Polish works like magic. I tested polishing one of the valve covers without doing any of the scuffing... it was more work, and required a lot more buffing, but sure enough it got rid of the oxidation. I probably didn't need to scuff the clutch cover, but polishing is easier when it's been scuffed--- I guess it's up to you and whatever tools you have available.
4. 'Restoring' vehicles is awesome. My bike isn't all that tip top, but I'm comfortable with it.. There's a lot to be done, but the progress I'm making everyday makes me feel more confident. I don't think I'm ready for something as big as a car (which sort of needs more tools), but the bike is a good starting point. Essentially all the work can be done in house, including painting (although we'll see how that goes). I like that aspect of the build.

What I accomplished:
- Bought a dremel wannabe
- Learned how to use a dremel (and how to not use a dremel..)
- Polished rear wheel (by hand, will use dremel tomorrow)
- Polished rear passenger peg mounts
- Polished rear brake lever
- Polished shift lever
- Polished (70%) clutch cover
- Polished (70%) crank cover
- Polished right side head fins
- Tried polishing rear valve cover.. works out, just need a better buffer

What's the plan for tomorrow? Well... I didn't get nearly as far with the centrestand as I'd like. I actually ended up just scuffing by hand, the accessories I have so far (for the dremel) seem to be better suited for smaller areas- such as refining the scuffing on the crank cover.

And LOTS more polishing... I'm still deciding on whether I should bother taking the valve covers off now, or when I do the carbs.

In a side note, I kind of like how the bike is starting to look.. shiny wheels, shiny motor.. ugly ass graphics. Rat bike.. sorta? I'm not sure if I want to install the Raptor fairing anymore, the more I look at it I want to clean up the wiring and just pop on a single lamp (maybe from a pre 84 nighthawk), but that'd also require me to do some definite work on the cluster (which requires attention eitherway).

a little more than halfway

a little more than halfway

I am running on about 50 percent of my usual speed—that is, I can do all the things above my waist. I still drop everything on the floor, and it quadruples the time it takes me to do everything.

But I haven't taken a single hydrocodone today. Not a one. I honestly forgot. It doesn't mean I don't hurt, but it does mean that relieving the pain isn't the first and only thing on my mind. Another good sign.

I start a Healthy Back Program at the gym next week, where I'll work out in a warm (92 degrees) pool and hang in traction.

My girlfriend's giving me a massage tomorrow (YEA!), and I am going to stop eating the house sometime after my sister's birthday dinner Saturday night and Serena's Best of Season rock concert on Sunday.

I am getting out. Thanks for helping and for understanding why I'm not posting much. And all my shots are uninspired.

how to install pegs on a bike

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How to remove bike chain without tool - Hybrid bicycles for women.

How To Remove Bike Chain Without Tool

how to remove bike chain without tool

    bike chain
  • A bicycle chain is a roller chain that transfers power from the pedals to the drive-wheel of a bicycle, thus propelling it. Most bicycle chains are made from plain carbon or alloy steel, but some are chrome-plated or stainless steel to prevent rust, or simply for aesthetics.

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how to remove bike chain without tool - KMC Z510

KMC Z510 1-Speed 1/8 112L Bike Chain (White/Black)

KMC Z510 1-Speed 1/8 112L Bike Chain (White/Black)

KMC Z510H Drop Buster White & Black 1/2" x 1/8" Track/BMX/Single Speed Chain. For BMX,Fixies, Cruisers, Track, All Types of single speeds, Stretch proof, mushroom pin, DropBuster Technology. Drop Buster - This is a perfect chain for racing track and Heavy Duty BMX use, the tensile strength is a outstanding @ 1,200Kg. It can be used on almost every 1/2 x 1/8 inch drivetrain. Light but strong, this chain is a bestseller in the BMX Freestyle world, but it is also becoming very popular in the mid-high end range internal gear hub equipped bikes, because of it's long life and high reliability. Taller profile will not derail, dropbusted! White & Black Colors adds style to fixies, cruisers and kids bikes as well.

80% (16)

$105 dollars later

$105 dollars later

bought a $5 dollar can of flat black and spary painted it this weekend. Although, I don't know if flat black is a good idea. The paint doesn't seem to be very strong. It scratches easily when I lean the bike against anything. But what can I expect for 5 bucks right? Might try to spray a coat of clear protective paint or something.

So I just painted everything I couldn't take off the bike without a special tool. Yes, I even painted the gears.

The chain: You will need a chain removal tool for this. Luckily my friend Alvaro had one. I removed all the extra links and left it long enough to fit on the biggest front gear and the third smallest rear gear. You have to be careful here because it needs to be tight enough so that when you put the rear wheel back on, and slide it as far back as possible on the horizontal drops, the chain is tight. I think the chain is not supposed to be super tight, but I'm not sure. I just made it tight enough by hand strength. If that makes sense. If you see online people recommending certain gear ratios, they are referring the number of spikes on the gears, I think. This one ended up being 46/15 or something like that.

Oh by the way, I would remove the chain before painting too. Something I didn't do and found it really hard to paint with it on.

bike chain

bike chain

there are a few bike chains hanging in our barn. this is one of them.

how to remove bike chain without tool

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Pocket Rocket Bike Parts

pocket rocket bike parts

    pocket rocket
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  • A bicycle or motorcycle

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  • bicycle: a wheeled vehicle that has two wheels and is moved by foot pedals

Dry and wet road tire: Primo comet (100 psi)

Dry and wet road tire: Primo comet (100 psi)

Unlike Bike Friday's Pocket Rocket road bikes which use the larger 20-inch (451) wheels and tires, the Pocket Crusoe and most other Bike Friday models use the smaller 406 wheels. This is the same size as BMX wheels and there is an enormous variety of tires for these wheels unlike the 451 wheels. Schwable, my favorite tire manufacturer, makes 406 tires in widths ranging from the speedy 1.1-inch (28 mm) Durano HS 399 (190 grams!) to the 2.35-inch (60 mm) wide pothole-eating Big Apple HS 338 (although I'm not sure if this would fit on the Pocket Crusoe, even without fenders).

The Kevlar-belted tires I am using here are nominally 1.35 inches wide (37 mm) can handle 100 PSI for a taut, lively ride that is more comfortable than my 25 mm 700 C road bike tires and feels fine on the occasional dirt road that we have around here. They also have enough volume to be used at lower pressures for more comfort and grip on rougher surfaces. Wider tires for normal road and dirt road riding comfort is also part of Grant Petersen's philosophy at Rivendell.

Strobist - Photo Dork in action

Strobist - Photo Dork in action

Photo Credit: Kelly (GrrArrgh)

Here's a series of pictures illustrating my "equipment loadout" for a photo stroll. Essentially my entire strobist kit and really, a portable photo studio, is strapped to my person.

It is an extremely secure setup - I'd have no problem running, biking or even rollerblading with all the gear attached.

I'm carrying, in this picture:

1x Manfrotto tripod, with 3/axis head
1x Camera, w/ walk-around lens
1x Expodisc
About 20Gb of memory, and business cards
Garmin ForeRunner 301 GPS, for geotagging
2x Manfrotto / Bogen light stands
2x Westcott shoot-through umbrellas
1x EF100mm macro lens
1x ball head
2x bogen superclamps
Triggers (Cactus / GI)
NiMH batteries

pocket rocket bike parts

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