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How To Install Pegs On A Bike

how to install pegs on a bike

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I learned a lot today:

1. Dremels are awesome.
- I got the Mastercraft rip off since Sears didn't have their Dremel-version in stock. 250pc kit for $69.99 - $10.00 coupon ... there was also a cheaper Jobmate unit, but I've broken all my previous Jobmate tools. I guess Mastercraft is a little better
2. Polishing needs big power.
Using the dremel to polish the rear peg mounts was great.. but for larger things, like the clutch and crank cover, it's hard to get an even finish. I'll have to look into something bigger tomorrow. Also, it seems like as long as there's black crap coming off as you polish, there's more shine to be had! Using your hand simply does not have the same results as a power tool.
3. Polish works like magic. I tested polishing one of the valve covers without doing any of the scuffing... it was more work, and required a lot more buffing, but sure enough it got rid of the oxidation. I probably didn't need to scuff the clutch cover, but polishing is easier when it's been scuffed--- I guess it's up to you and whatever tools you have available.
4. 'Restoring' vehicles is awesome. My bike isn't all that tip top, but I'm comfortable with it.. There's a lot to be done, but the progress I'm making everyday makes me feel more confident. I don't think I'm ready for something as big as a car (which sort of needs more tools), but the bike is a good starting point. Essentially all the work can be done in house, including painting (although we'll see how that goes). I like that aspect of the build.

What I accomplished:
- Bought a dremel wannabe
- Learned how to use a dremel (and how to not use a dremel..)
- Polished rear wheel (by hand, will use dremel tomorrow)
- Polished rear passenger peg mounts
- Polished rear brake lever
- Polished shift lever
- Polished (70%) clutch cover
- Polished (70%) crank cover
- Polished right side head fins
- Tried polishing rear valve cover.. works out, just need a better buffer

What's the plan for tomorrow? Well... I didn't get nearly as far with the centrestand as I'd like. I actually ended up just scuffing by hand, the accessories I have so far (for the dremel) seem to be better suited for smaller areas- such as refining the scuffing on the crank cover.

And LOTS more polishing... I'm still deciding on whether I should bother taking the valve covers off now, or when I do the carbs.

In a side note, I kind of like how the bike is starting to look.. shiny wheels, shiny motor.. ugly ass graphics. Rat bike.. sorta? I'm not sure if I want to install the Raptor fairing anymore, the more I look at it I want to clean up the wiring and just pop on a single lamp (maybe from a pre 84 nighthawk), but that'd also require me to do some definite work on the cluster (which requires attention eitherway).

a little more than halfway

a little more than halfway

I am running on about 50 percent of my usual speed—that is, I can do all the things above my waist. I still drop everything on the floor, and it quadruples the time it takes me to do everything.

But I haven't taken a single hydrocodone today. Not a one. I honestly forgot. It doesn't mean I don't hurt, but it does mean that relieving the pain isn't the first and only thing on my mind. Another good sign.

I start a Healthy Back Program at the gym next week, where I'll work out in a warm (92 degrees) pool and hang in traction.

My girlfriend's giving me a massage tomorrow (YEA!), and I am going to stop eating the house sometime after my sister's birthday dinner Saturday night and Serena's Best of Season rock concert on Sunday.

I am getting out. Thanks for helping and for understanding why I'm not posting much. And all my shots are uninspired.

how to install pegs on a bike

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Huffy Bicycle Wheels

huffy bicycle wheels

    bicycle wheels
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Huffy/Raleigh Front Wheel After

Huffy/Raleigh Front Wheel After

Here's the after photo for the front wheel, shown beside the uncleaned rear wheel for comparison. The front wheel actually looked a bit worse than the rear when I started. There's still a spot of rust on the hub and there is more rust than the photo shows around the rim (where the brakes will grab) that I can't seem to budge. I've used light oil and fine steel wool as well as rubbing compound and steel wool. Any other suggestions?

huffy full

huffy full

this is my winter whip. it started life as a 50 lb huffy red rock mountain bike. after stripping everything steel, replacing the shock with a cro-mo fork, and fitting 700c wheels, it is now a 20 lb foul weather fixie. oh so stiff!

huffy bicycle wheels

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Mini Bike Store. Dawes Lightning 1000 Shimano 24 Speed Road Bike. Downhill Bike Rack.

Mini Bike Store

mini bike store

    mini bike
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thursday bike path

thursday bike path

There's a pleasant little 8-10 mile loop I like to ride. It connects to a large network of bike paths covering a couple hundred miles, but I'm rarely so ambitious that I ride more than 10-15 miles at a time. This loop generally follows a creek. It's not uncommon to see deer, on rare occasions a fox. And though it looks a wee bit wild, this loop actually takes me to a mini-mall that has (among other things) a supermarket, a few fast food chain restaurants, a gym/spa, a really bad hair-cutter, and a liquor store (which is handy if you've visited the hair-cutter). So I can get in a nice ride and at the end, stop to buy food and drink for the next couple of days.

My New Bike

My New Bike

KHS Urban Uno. I absolutely LOVE this bike. It's my first real road bike, and it serves it job well. I took the back brake off right away, and I am making it fixed gear really soon. In the seat bag I have a spare tube, tire levers, allen keys, and a presta valve adapter. I hang my mini lock off it just for running to the store. Highly recommended. I'm going to add some accent painting soon and some stickers to make it mine. Enjoy.

mini bike store

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