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Bicycle Headlight Review

bicycle headlight review

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  • a powerful light with reflector; attached to the front of an automobile or locomotive

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  • A powerful light at the front of a motor vehicle or railroad engine

  • ride a bicycle

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bicycle headlight review - Cateye HL-EL530

Cateye HL-EL530 LED Bicycle Headlight

Cateye HL-EL530 LED Bicycle Headlight

The Cateye HL-EL530 sets new standards in brightness by lighting up the road with over 2200 candlepower from one single white LED bulb. This power is due to CatEye's own OptiCube technology. Not only is this bike headlight bright but it is water resistant and has a runtime of over 90 hours. Make sure you see what's ahead of you and be ultra sure that night drivers can see you coming up the road. Highly water resistant Side visibility FlexTight mounting bracket Uses 4 AA batteries More than 90 hours of runtime

Fifty percent brighter than Cateye's HL-EL500 model, this extra-bright one-LED white headlight generates 1,500 candlepower thanks to Cateye's OptiCube technology that optimizes lens and reflector brightness. It runs on four AA batteries and produces 90 hours of run time. Other features include side visibility and a tool-free mounting bracket.
About Cateye
Founded in 1946 in Osaka, Japan, CatEye is the leading manufacturer of cycle computers, lights, and reflectors to cyclists in the world. In 1964, CatEye was the first in the industry to create a flashing lamp for bicycles, followed by their first battery headlamp in 1982, and the very first bicycle head lamp using white LEDs in 2001. The company's Opticube lens and reflectors make the brightest and most efficient LED headlights. while their LD500 remains the only rear safety light that can meet the rigorous CPSC standards for reflectivity.

75% (7)

1977 BMW headlight bucket - relays?

1977 BMW headlight bucket - relays?

I think I have a short somewhere in my 1977 BMW R100/7's wiring harness. Can you help troubleshoot it?

Here's the diagnosis:

New, freshly charged battery.
Ignition key in off position, turn signal in center (off) position, headlight switch in top (off) position.

1) Turn ignition key to middle position
-- result: parking lights come on. No other weirdness.

2) Turn ignition key to "on" position
-- result: headlight secondary light turns on. No other weirdness.

3) Squeeze front brake lever OR depress rear brake pedal (both have same result)
-- result: brake light comes on. NW ("no other wierdness")

4) Set turn signal to "left turn" or "right turn" (results identical in either case)
-- SOMETIMES: left turn signal comes on. NW. If this result happens, proceed to step 5.
-- SOMETIMES: Big plastic Hella turn-signal relay emits a low pitched, clicking/buzzing noise. if that happens, END OF TEST.

5) Set turn signal to center (no turn)
-- result: turn signal turns off. NW

6) Turn headlight switch down one to middle position
-- result: parking light still on. NW

7) Turn headlight switch down one more to bottom position
-- result (always): high-pitched buzzing noise from main headlight relay. Headlight does not come on.

Step 7 can be reproduced at any time. For example, step 7 could be done in place of step 4, and I always get the high-pitched buzzing noise from the headlight relay.

Can some kind soul tell me WHERE to start looking for shorts, and WHAT to start probing? I own a multi-tester, and have a basic idea of how to use it, but I'm not a wizard.

2011 Raleigh Alley way - bike horse whisperer

2011 Raleigh Alley way - bike horse whisperer

This sweet ride is finally getting broken in. I pre-ordered it Summer 2010 and had to wait til Dec. 22 for delivery. Then it snowed and snowed for months. We're making up for lost time now and ready for a review.
The basics:
I commute 14 miles a day and it seems tough enough for the mean streets of Brooklyn. It's a smooth, fast ride and totally lives up to my high expectations. Shifting, braking, handling are all flawless. Eight speeds seems fine for city riding. The internal gear hub will stay grit free and the belt drive will not need regular cleaning and maintenance -- good things for apt. living in a grimey city. I love the always there headlight and could add a dynamo taillight. I also love the classy little bell by the left brake handle. The brakes squeal a bit but I don't mind that heads up.
The fender had to be riveted to the stay because it rattled so much.
Kick stand mount - should have integrated kick stand plate.
The customizing could get a little pricey and/or time-consuming unless you or someone you know has the tools and know how. Thanks GB!

bicycle headlight review

bicycle headlight review

Energizer Trail Finder 7 LED Head Light (3 AAA Batteries Included)

The Energizer TrailFinder 7-LED headlight is ideal for industrial professionals, outdoorsmen, and outdoor sports enthusiasts. The TrailFinder offers four light modes--area, spot, flood, and red for night vision--so you have plenty of options depending on your activity. In addition, the TrailFinder pivots back and forth, making it easy to aim the light where it's needed. Best of all, the light fits virtually any individual thanks to its adjustable soft elastic headband. Water-resistant, the TrailFinder runs for 16 hours on the maximum setting using three Energizer Max AAA batteries.

Night vision mode: 2 red LEDs, 30-hour battery life
Spot mode: 3 white LEDs, 21-hour battery life
Flood mode: 2 white LEDs, 30-hour battery life
Spot+flood: 5 white LEDs, 16-hour battery life
Power source: Energizer Max 3 AAA
Lamp: 5 white Nichia LEDs
White LED max output: 45 lumens
Additional LEDs: 2 red
Dimensions: 2.75 by 1.63 inches
Weight: 1.92 ounces (without batteries)
About Energizer
Energizer's leadership in the portable lighting industry spans more than 110 years. The company started in 1898 when Conrad Hubert, a Russian immigrant, lit up New York City with the introduction of the newly patented electric hand torch or flashlight. Soon afterward, Hubert began manufacturing flashlights, batteries, and light bulbs under the name Eveready. Hubert put his first flashlights into the hands of New York City policemen, resulting in high visibility and nearly instantaneous success for his product. Over the years, Eveready's technology team introduced the tungsten bulb, made numerous switch improvements, and developed spotlights to project the light forward. Energizer's commitment to flashlight and battery technology took a substantial step forward in 1982 with the opening of its Westlake, Ohio, research and development center, one of the industry's largest. In April 2000, Energizer was spun off as an independent company now known as Energizer Holdings, Inc.

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