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pocket rocket bike parts

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Dry and wet road tire: Primo comet (100 psi)

Dry and wet road tire: Primo comet (100 psi)

Unlike Bike Friday's Pocket Rocket road bikes which use the larger 20-inch (451) wheels and tires, the Pocket Crusoe and most other Bike Friday models use the smaller 406 wheels. This is the same size as BMX wheels and there is an enormous variety of tires for these wheels unlike the 451 wheels. Schwable, my favorite tire manufacturer, makes 406 tires in widths ranging from the speedy 1.1-inch (28 mm) Durano HS 399 (190 grams!) to the 2.35-inch (60 mm) wide pothole-eating Big Apple HS 338 (although I'm not sure if this would fit on the Pocket Crusoe, even without fenders).

The Kevlar-belted tires I am using here are nominally 1.35 inches wide (37 mm) can handle 100 PSI for a taut, lively ride that is more comfortable than my 25 mm 700 C road bike tires and feels fine on the occasional dirt road that we have around here. They also have enough volume to be used at lower pressures for more comfort and grip on rougher surfaces. Wider tires for normal road and dirt road riding comfort is also part of Grant Petersen's philosophy at Rivendell.

Strobist - Photo Dork in action

Strobist - Photo Dork in action

Photo Credit: Kelly (GrrArrgh)

Here's a series of pictures illustrating my "equipment loadout" for a photo stroll. Essentially my entire strobist kit and really, a portable photo studio, is strapped to my person.

It is an extremely secure setup - I'd have no problem running, biking or even rollerblading with all the gear attached.

I'm carrying, in this picture:

1x Manfrotto tripod, with 3/axis head
1x Camera, w/ walk-around lens
1x Expodisc
About 20Gb of memory, and business cards
Garmin ForeRunner 301 GPS, for geotagging
2x Manfrotto / Bogen light stands
2x Westcott shoot-through umbrellas
1x EF100mm macro lens
1x ball head
2x bogen superclamps
Triggers (Cactus / GI)
NiMH batteries

pocket rocket bike parts

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